I’ve been there and spent so much time worrying about totally unimportant things when I started working on my first website that I exhausted myself even before I posted my very first article. I don’t want you to fall into the same trap. So here’s what you should not do at the beginning.

Do you prefer video?

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WordPress Theme

Don’t obsess about your WordPress theme. There are millions of different themes and templates out there, most of them are free or freemium, some of them are paid premium themes. 

You can literally spend days and weeks trying to find the best one for your new blog. But I say don’t. The best thing about themes is that you can change them anytime you want with just a few clicks, so there’s no reason to waste your precious time in the beginning when you should focus on your content.

On top of that, expensive and fancy themes and templates are usually quite heavy. This means that they will take a lot of time to be loaded, which in turn will result in the slow loading time of your website. That’s the last thing you want. I bought Avada and Newspaper and many other themes and templates, but in the end, I realized that the simpler and faster the theme is, the better.

These days, I can wholeheartedly recommend the free version of GeneratePress which is a lightweight, easy to use theme with schema support. Read this article where I walk you through the installation and setup of this theme.

Again, don’t waste your time trying to design or buy a logo. You can bury yourself in this area for days, weeks, and even months and it’s not worth it.

I’ve spent many weeks in Figma trying to design a logo for Smart Profit School, instead of writing articles for my blog. After two months I was totally pissed because I didn’t like any of my creations, so I gave up and used a simple shortcut SPS. That’s it. But I lost those two months that I can never get back.

SSL/TLS Certificate

I hate when hosting companies try to rip off their customers with unnecessary cost, but even these days, you can still find paid SSL services. Yes, you absolutely need to have secure communication. That means that your website should communicate via HTTPS protocol, and for that, you need something called SSL/TLS certificate. 

But, you don’t have to pay for it. You can get it for free along with the CDN delivery of your content. Cloudflare is an amazing service that provides everything you need and it won’t cost you a penny. If you’re lost now and have no idea what I’m talking about, read this article where I explain everything step by step.

Hosting Storage

If you consider buying some more expensive hosting plan because you think, you’ll need more storage in the future, stop and listen. Your WordPress installation is tiny. Your text doesn’t take up much space either, so the only things that are left are images and videos.

Your videos should always end up on YouTube, it’s great marketing and you can easily embed them in your posts. When it comes to images, you should upload them to Cloudinary, an image optimization platform with CDN delivery. I’m using their free plan and I’m very happy with its performance. Don’t buy expensive hosting only because you’ll get more storage. You can always spend your money later, but there’s no need to do it upfront.


Don’t slow down your website with plugins. I know it’s tempting. You want some new functionality for your website and there’s a plugin for that. After some time though, you’ll have so many of them running in the background that your blog will slow down to crawl. 

Nobody will wait for your sluggish website to load, they will just go away. Don’t use plugins if you absolutely don’t need them. There are only a few plugins you should install, like Jetpack for security reasons, but remember that fewer plugins mean the snappier website and that should always be your primary goal. If you want to learn more about securing your WordPress website with JetPack, I have a nice tutorial about it right here.


And finally, instead of wasting your time and money with things I’ve just mentioned, focus on writing quality content, because that’s what makes the difference in the end. Without great content that will help people solve their problems, you can have the best-looking blog, yet nobody will read it.