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Welcome to TodayWP, a free WordPress resource site not only for beginners. Our main goal is to provide comprehensive WordPress tutorials, tips, tricks and reviews that will help bloggers, website owners and even small businesses navigate the immense world of WordPress.

If you’ve ever asked yourself how to build a WordPress blog, what is the best theme, which plugin is the right one for a particular need, or which web hosting to choose, you’re in the right place.

Why TodayWP?

WordPress is the most famous publishing platform running more than one third of the whole web. We want to help people learn, understand and start building and managing their own website with WordPress.

We started TodayWP in spring 2020 with a goal to deliver unbiased and honest reviews, interesting articles and helpful tutorials from the world of WordPress.

The web is evolving and the WordPress is evolving with it. There are literally thousands of themes, plugins and special settings. There are also hundreds of hosting providers.

TodayWP is here for you, to help you navigate the vibrant and ever-changing world of WordPress publishing.

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If you’re just starting out, then we highly recommend the following articles:

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