How to Display Your Blog Post Correctly on Social Media (A quick guide to set the og:image property)

Open Graph image or og:image is an important attribute you absolutely must have on your WordPress. Without this attribute, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms can’t successfully display your featured image as a part of your rich snippet.

With og:image property, the shared link looks much better.

As you can see in the comparison above, with the og:image property, the shared link is boring and uninteresting, while the image gives it a much-needed appeal.

Yoast SEO

The sad truth is that WordPress don’t support the og:image by default, however, there’s a simple fix with the popular Yoast SEO WordPress plugin. Just search for Yoast in Plugins, install, and activate it.

Once you go through the configuration wizard, Yoast will use the featured images from your posts to set the og:image property automatically.

Alternatively, you can scroll down at each post to reveal individual settings and specify unique og:image for each social platform. This is useful if you want to speed up your website with WebP images that can’t be used for og:image property.

You can use the WebP version of the image as the featured image of your post. This will improve the load time of your website. And then, set the PNG version of the same image to be used for og:image property.

If you’re on Mac, I recommend Image Tool+. This small utility will help you convert your PNG files to WebP format and it’s available on the App Store.